Pre-Bid Engineering of the project

Pre-Bid Engineering of the project

Assignment name: Pre-Bid Engineering of the project, Optimization of the components and Bill of Quantities of Dhaula Sidh 2x33MW HEP, Himachal Pradesh, SJVNL, 2020.

Country: India

Location within country: Beas River, Himachal Pradesh

Duration of assignment (months): 2 months

Name of Client: Ashoka Buildcon Limited.

Start date (month/year):  

Completion date (month/year): 

Description of actual services provided by our staff:

  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities with design drawings
  • Optimization of components:
Components Salient features
Concrete Gravity Dam  70m high
Power Intake Embedded in Dam
Pressure Shaft 4.3m Diameter steel
Power House 42.5m (W), 47.72m (H), 37.5 (l)
Tail Race Channel  15.4-37.5m (W), 30m (H)
Switchyard Open Switchyard
  • Design review and optimization of slope stabilization at Dam left, right

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