Hydrology Studies

Our engineers have performed numerous hydraulic studies in the evaluation of the safety and hydraulic adequacy of structures.

We have also determined hazard potential classifications for dams and produced inundation mapping in compliance with state regulations and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines. We used the results of these hazard analyses to support dam owners in emergency action plan (EAP) development, maintenance, exercise, and implementation to promote emergency preparedness, assist in the training of personnel, and demonstrate operational capability.

Our solutions help our clients who own and operate dams and hydropower facilities to assess flood inundation hazards, obtain water quality certifications and permits, evaluate water use and quality impacts on the environment, develop power generation optimization alternatives, and deliver conservation and restoration projects.

Our water resource engineers and regulatory experts provide:

  • Site reconnaissance & field sampling
  • Probable maximum precipitation and probable maximum flood analyses
  • Watershed hydrologic modeling
  • Flood inundation modeling & dam breach studies
  • Complex hydrodynamic, sediment transport, and water quality modeling
  • Incremental damage assessment and dam breach modeling
  • Real-time operational assistance tools
  • Sophisticated computational fluid dynamic modeling
  • Regulatory agency liaison and compliance support
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