Detail design and DPR

Feasibility Studies:

  • Study, Review, and Formulation of Schemes
  • Assessment of Water Availability and Water Requirements
  • Identification of Viable or Economic Alignments
  • Development of Conceptual Plans
  • Preliminary Topographical Surveys
  • Preliminary Geological/Geotechnical Investigations
  • Schematic Designs and Estimates
  • Feasibility Reports

Detailed Project Report

  • Detailed Topographical Surveys
  • Detailed Geological/Geotechnical Investigations
  • Hydrological Studies
  • Design Flood and Sedimentation Studies
  • Agriculture Planning
  • Detailed Designs, Drawings, and Estimates
  • EIA/EMP Studies
  • Land Acquisition Schedule
  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plans
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Clearances from Statutory Bodies like CDO, CWC, MoEF, etc.

Pre-Tender Engineering

  • Review of Tender Document and Assessment of Tender Requirements
  • Preliminary Surveys and Investigations
  • Data Collection
  • Preparation of Schematic Designs, Drawings & BOQs
  • Tender Submittals

Detailed Design Engineering

  • Data Collection
  • Detailed Surveys/Investigations
  • Hydraulic Designs
  • Hydraulic Model Studies: CFD Analysis, Physical Model Studies, etc.
  • Detailed Designs and Drawings
  • Obtaining Design Approvals
  • Detailed Working Drawings and BOQs
  • Technical Services during Construction and Post Construction
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • As-built Drawings

Design Proof Checking

  • Checking Designs and Drawings
  • Modification/ corrections
  • Attending Technical Meetings with the Designers/Clients

Construction Supervision

  • Checking of Designs and Drawings
  • Review of PERT Charts and Schedules
  • Verification of Material Test Results
  • Day to Day Supervision of Work
  • Monthly Progress Reports and Re-scheduling
  • Recording and Certification of Bills
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