Our engineers and irrigation experts have in-depth knowledge of the irrigation sector and are dedicated to delivering quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that add value to your requirements.

We have the right knowledge of the designs and best practices while establishing irrigation systems in India. As demand for irrigation is rising, introducing improved irrigation systems and infrastructure is essential.
We are well equipped with all type irrigation scheme like Gravity and pressurized.


Planning to deliver sustainable outcomes across the entire lifecycle of water infrastructure assets can be a complex and challenging balancing act, with many factors to be considered including feasibility, design life, operational and capital costs, and sustainability.

We partner with our clients across all phases of activities involved in Irrigation and its unique challenges. CEC delivers the right solutions to help overcome them sustainably, efficiently, productively, and safety. Our services also include from Pre-feasibility stage to commissioning.

Our Expertise and Services

  • Gravity and lift irrigation schemes.
  • Irrigation master planning and policy framework development
  • Crop water and irrigation demand studies.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
  • GIS modeling
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Water use efficiency and productivity analysis
  • Irrigation and drainage structure design
  • Pre -Bid engineering services

Stages – Pre-feasibility stage to detail design of entire irrigation command area development. Design of Diversion / storage structures and pipe network.